PMP Mod v1.01 – M4g2 Released

Raphael and argandona have released their modification to PMP Mod.

By now I’m sure most of you 1.50 PSP owners have caught wind of Jonny’s fantastic full-resolution media player PMP Mod, along with Malloc’s modifications of it. Now Raphael and argandona has modified Malloc’s mod and added an awesome graphical interface to this video player – both the menu screen and the “during-play” info bars! This wonderful program really is a testament to the collaboration efforts of the community!

You can download PMP Mod v1.01 M4g2 here.

1 Response to “PMP Mod v1.01 – M4g2 Released”

  1. 1 Slither2006

    Good Job!!! It looks great. I kinda like the white instead of grey in movie menu colour but still it looks great I like the battery meter! Where is the source code located?

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