Star Trek: Tactical Assault on PSP and DS

Prodigious Gaming reports that Bethesda will be releasing Star Trek: Tactical Assault for both the PSP and DS.

Star Trek: Tactical Assault will feature real-time space combat in the universe of the original Star Trek series, and the game’s single-player campaign will allow the player to assume command of a Starfleet or Klingon vessel. The single-player campaign will also contain a branching mission structure giving rise to a number of different outcomes.

The DS version will also support wireless play for some head-to-head multiplayer action. Star Trek: Tactical Assault is in development at Quicksilver Software, the studio responsible for Star Trek: Starfleet Command. The game will be released on both platforms in September 2006.

Star Trek games have a distinct tendency to be terrible so lets hope the first PSP outing of the franchise will change that.

1 Response to “Star Trek: Tactical Assault on PSP and DS”

  1. 1 Jim

    Hey, I liked the Starfleet Command games. They weren’t as bad as some of those Star Wars games out. Star Wars:obi 1 sucked!

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