Taito Begins Portable Karaoke Service

IGN reports that Taito has begun offering a Karaoke download service for your PSP provided through P-TV. The service lets users download karaoke videos to the PSP for 105 yen a song, which can then be viewed for up to 15 days. Downloads can be made from any wireless LAN spot.

However, since the PSP lacks a microphone, this is not a “full” Karaoke service. Instead, Taito expects people to use the clips to memorize the songs and then sing either at home or Karaoke bars.

Currently the service only has a few J-Pop songs but hopes to expand the library as the popularity increases. Considering that Karaoke is HUGE in Japan, I see this service taking off. I doubt it will make it’s way overseas, but anything can happen.

2 Responses to “Taito Begins Portable Karaoke Service”

  1. 1 Salesmunn

    Check the title spelling: Karaoke.

  2. 2 Jakanden

    Thanks for the heads up =)

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