PSPShot v0.1 Released

PSP Zones has posted the release of PSPShot v0.1 by Tsukasa. PSPShot is a homebrew application that allows you to take a screenshot of your PSP at any time.

Please remember this is the FIRST release of this app so it is still a bit buggy and can cause trange lines to display on screenshots if the background on the PSP screen is moving too fast

The Controls are as follows:

Start: Starts the system menu in “screenshot mode”

Select: Starts the insertet UMD in “screenshot mode”

L: Enables normal movement

R: Makes a screenshot

L+R: Exit the program

You can download PSPShot v0.1 here.

Note: According to the Read Me, this program only works with firmware 1.50

1 Response to “PSPShot v0.1 Released”

  1. 1 retman

    :( i wanted a homebrew like this but for 2.60

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