PMP Simple Converter 0.07 for PMP Mod

PSP Updates has posted yet another mod for PSP Mod. Well technically, this is an update to an existing mod, but with some significant changes. Miemt11 has released version 0.07 of PMP Simple Converter with a major facelift.

– What can it do?
Convert any video (rmvb, avi, mpg, wmv, asf) to PSP PMP format

– Changes since version 0.05
1: Add new Batch Conversion Mode with no limit (Now you can encode more than one video at a time) Select your input and output video and than click on the add batch button
2: Able to encoding all or selected only
3: Complete New PMP simple Converter GUI Design
4: Extra Video and General command switch option (now you can add additional filter and general setting) ENCODING OPTIONS (MENCODER ONLY)
5: Simple file size calculator (Total MB per hours)
6: no need rm.exe program anymore (using internal command)
7: fix the open file dialog
8: Enable better rmvb and wmv encoding
9: Skin Changer for PMP Simple Converter

If anyone interest to create their own skin for PMP Simple Converter
Please follow the Skin Image Spec:

Resolution = 890×550
Format = jpeg, png and bmp
transparency = Yellow

10: fps default is 25
11: harddup is enable by default

– Component Requirement
1: Get all the memcoder component from [here].
2: Put pmp_muxer.exe to the intall directory e.g. C:\Memcoder
3: Now extract my PMP Simple to the intall directory e.g. C:\Memcoder
4: .Net Framework Runtime 2.00 from [here]

You can download PMP Simple Converter v0.07 here and also read the thread about it here.

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