X5 Portal Version 1.5 Released

PSP3D and KaotiK DesignZ have released the newest version of the X5 Portal Version 1.5.

New features include:
-All new “Aqua” and “Dark Aqua” look.
-Several fixes for the “Out of Memory” problems.
-Updated source code.
-Redesigned standard 12 hour digital clock.

Due to time restrictions, some more major features such as ‘iTunes’ and ‘iPhoto’ software, which were originally ETAed for the 1.5 release, will rather be incorporated into X5 via a downloadable ‘Software Update’ (through the control panel in X5) as soon as it is ready to be released.

This web portal works with all 2.0 and higher firmware PSPs.

You can get the portal by heading over to http://x5.psp3d.com/ although the site is having heavy traffic right now.

You can download the Aqua version directly here or the Dark Aqua version directly here.

I personally still have a 1.5 PSP due to the fact that I am a homebrew freak. This is the ONE application that has made me debate upgrading to 2.0 as everyone I have talked to loves it. If you have 2.0, I highly recommend downloading it and checking it out.

21 Responses to “X5 Portal Version 1.5 Released”

  1. 1 slayer

    theres a problem with the Iphoto and Itunes it’s says i have a error 105- anyone else get this

  2. 2 djmdave

    ^^^ i still cant get on the site so couldn’t say..

  3. 3 Matt

    has an error message for me….it wont let me put it on my 2.60

  4. 4 dave

    why doesnt the itunes and iphoto work?

  5. 5 dave

    for me , it says : itunes error -192. can someone tell me whats going on?

  6. 6 dave

    and by the way MATT, it works on my 2.60 firmware so it should work on yours

  7. 7 ant

    on my psp, wen i try to access the site, it says dns error, or another error msg, duz ne1 else have this problem, plzz help this looks soooo kool and i cant get it, p.s im on 2.6

  8. 8 hello

    ok….i extract it to the common folder and when i go to the browser it says “content cannot be displayed.” i am typing the address in correctly..(i went over it letter by letter five times) i have no i dea what’s wrong….i have plenty of memory (1 gig) if you can help me…..thanks in advance

  9. 9 chris

    p.s y cant u type dot dot dot?

  10. 10 danny

    if u are having a problem loadiding it it is because if u use the drag and drop method to install it on your psp common folder, it will not work what to do is to click extrat on the left top of your computer and select the location of ur psp common folder try this and it will work, i have tried it there are cool games to play without being connected to the internet.

  11. 11 Peewee

    Does It work on version 2.70

  12. 12 Mista K

    X5 looks cool but itunes and iphoto arent supposed to work its just to look cool

  13. 13 Gary

    I got x5 to work on my 2.70 but I had to go directly to the site from the browser and select the version I wanted to download. It opened right up when i did that. I have a mac and I cant figure out how to extract the x5 download file to the common folder on my memory stick. If anyone can help me out, let me know

  14. 14 PspHomeSlice

    sweet but were do u get the itunes software

  15. 15 Nick

    I downloaded it no problam I looked at the itune file on my pc and it only showed the error message they just wanted it to look cool or something. p.s I am runnin v.2.70 it should work for everyone else

  16. 16 Nick

    Again they maybe tried to put it there but it didn’t work

  17. 17 Chris

    Where are the games, i cant find it

  18. 18 Ant

    How do i get to PSP/Common folder

  19. 19 jordan

    its gay

  20. 20 pspdude

    ok the itunes and iphoto doesnt work because it was programmed that way… i checked it out by going in to the guts of the file and the iphoto file in the file the main menu for that is the error. my point is for those people that think that there is an error, ther’s not. i dont know why x5 did that i guess the were just lazy. i recomend vesion 1 or two the 1.50 version is just to show of not for function although it would be kinda cool

  21. 21 Jackw

    Link Dont Work :(

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