Turn your PSP into an iTunes Remote

k7m over at the QJ.Net Forums has come up with a way to turn your PSP into an iTunes Remote. PSP Updates has posted a pretty good guide to getting this done as well as the necessary files.

1) You must first install a webserver on your PC. k7m has written one specifically for iTunesRemote which you can download [here]. To install it, simpley unzip the file and start iTunesRemote.exe. The webserver is listening on port 81, so you only have to browse to

http://[Local Address Here]:81/iTunesRemote.php.

2) Open iTunesRemote.php in Notepad. change the variable $pathToHTTPDir to the directory that iTunesRemote.php is in (my file has a different location in it, so be wary). Remember that in PHP, all symbols must be preceded by a \, which is why one should separate directories with “\\” in this instance (you’ll get an error otherwise).

3) Make sure iTunes is open and has a song in the ticker bar (you shouldn’t see the apple)

4) Navigate your PSP or Wipeout Browser to http://[LocalHost Here]/psp/iTunesRemote.php (or whatever file structure you placed inside of the htdocs folder)

5) Enjoy your iTunes Remote Control. it makes you a lot less dorky searching through your music library with a sleek PSP than with your computer, so be sure to use this to your advantage.

The design is fully customizable, just edit the psp/template.html file. the %variablenames% variables will be replaced by their current value at runtime. More features will be added soon …

If you have questions or problems, check out this ongoing discussion about it.

Download the iTunesRemote here.
Download the iTunesRemote Standalone Server for PC here.

I personally do not use iTunes as I hate the application, but those of you who use it might find this useful.

3 Responses to “Turn your PSP into an iTunes Remote”

  1. 1 Adrelith

    It’s cool, but I hate iTunes like Jakanden. Would be cool if something like this could be made for Winamp.

  2. 2 Daniel

    How do you hate iTunes? All of your listeners that use ipods like me use it to subscribe to your podcast.

  3. 3 Jakanden

    Not all – there are MANY podcast aggregators out there besides iTunes and quite a few people I use them (I personally use Ziepod).

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