Silver Platter – Indie UMD Label

Silver Platter – Indie UMD Label

Silver Platter has announced that they have created the first UMD label with 3 UMD’s due out in January.

The DC Video: One of the best skate films of all time features a killer soundtrack and Danny Way’s epic mega-ramp session. In addition, we include bonus features of Danny’s record (and ankle) breaking 80ft jumps over the Great Wall of China. Also featuring Steve Williams, Colin McKay and Rob Dyrdek.

Teddybear Crisis: The new ski film by Henrick Rostrup and Kris Ostness. Watch 3 of the best newschool skiers in the world hit some of the biggest jumps you’ve ever seen, including the 90ft. Pyramid Gap and the 120ft Chad’s Gap. Perennial X-Games medalist Tanner Hall, Jon Olson, SImon Dumont and many more.

The Community Project: Features an impressive list of riders, headlined by Travis Rice, Shaun White and Andy Finch, this film takes the viewer on an exciting journey through some of the world’s most desirable winter locations. Complete with rails backcountry jumps and innovative terrain park sessions.

Silver Platter says that they intentionally seek out content that works well for the UMD format and plan to release new UMD’s soon including Cartoons, Auto, Comedy, Health and more.

Check the site out here.

I myself and a big fan of Danny Way so I will be checking out The DC Video when that comes out.

Thanks to Dave for the E-Mail!

5 Responses to “Silver Platter – Indie UMD Label”

  1. 1 sean

    oh yes this is what i have been waiting for, thank you silver platter for putting the dc video on umd.

  2. 2 Jakanden

    I just recieved all three of this UMD’s this week (Thank you Anat!). I will be watching them and writing reviews shortly =)

  3. 3 goofeyfoot

    this is pretty much the coolest thing to come out since tony hawk. if you like skating the dc video will blow you away.

  4. 4 manny

    i want it

  5. 5 loosecannon

    Silver Platter blew their chance to go big with The DC Video UMD.

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