29MP4 Video Store Offers Launches

The first PSP format full-length film download store has been launched in the form of 29MP4.Com.

Currently in Beta, 29MP4.com has numerous videos available for download in PSP format for $2.99 each covering a broad range of subjects. They give a description of each movie, the size and the length prior to purchase as well.

If you are a movie fan who does not feel like paying for the overpriced UMD’s, check em out.

2 Responses to “29MP4 Video Store Offers Launches”

  1. 1 eha1990

    It is nice to see an alternative to iTunes video store. It is about time that something like this came about, but I believe the motion picture studios will see the light and start selling downloadable versions of movies. The price is definitely right. UMDs are over priced, and I believe that for the PSP to remain a viable platform Sony will have to release the technology and software to allow users to record to UMDs. Apple is way ahead in terms of providing video content for their iPod and it isn’t so much of a stretch to envsion Apple coming out with their own iPod that just happens to play games on some sort of media that we’ve yet to see in the market. Content is what is going to ultimate determine the survivability of the Sony PSP.

  2. 2 jakanden

    I agree whole-heartedly and I for one will be partaking in services such as these.

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