Firmware 2.0 Eboot Loader v0.9

Fanjita has released the newest version of his immensely popular EBOOT Loader (Version 0.9).

Here is a list of the added features in this new release:

- Added wifi support! Now the loader auto-detects if the wifi libraries are loaded (via the wifi load method above) and offers them to homebrew for use.
- Added call to application exit callback, to allow RIN etc. to save state when L+R+START reset is used.
- Added memory reset after running the menu. This should make things much less sensitive to whatever has been run before them. Can be turned off in config.
- Added memory reset on exit – this might make it easier to restart the loader.
- Added config option to fake success code from unknown functions.
- Added clock-speed option to the config file, to allow automatic overclocking / underclocking of applications.

More info in the included readme.

Download it here

1 Response to “Firmware 2.0 Eboot Loader v0.9”

  1. 1 Raven

    Wow, Alot of directions for just a little Home brewin..

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