PSP-OSS v0.1 Beta Released

The PSP OSS team has finally released PSP-OSS Version 0.1b for PSP.

Here are the Features of this long awaited software:


* Built-in audio player
* MP3 and OGG support


* Built-in image viewer
* PNG and JPG support an resolutions up to 512×512

EBOOT Support:

* Run any EBOOT off you memory stick via the “Start Menu” (1.5 firmware)


* Easily access your memory sticks files via included filebrowser
* Ability to Open, Cut, Paste, Delete and Rename files

Easy-to-use GUI:

* Restart and shutdown the PSP-OSS from the desktop
* Run any UMD from the desktop (excluding UMDs requiring 2.xx)
* Edit your theme or background from the configuration panel
* Enable/disable USB mode
* Access time and date information


* Look at Shortcut.ql example on the desktop. Open in a text editor

Folder Locations for Desktop and Start Menu

* Files you want on the desktop or in the start menu go in these folders

Pictures: PSP\PHOTO\

Please note that this only runs on Firmware 1.5.

I will be installing this later today and checking it out. I will let you know what I think in the PGR forums.

So far, it appears they are getting pretty good responses on the official forums so I cannot wait to have a chance to sit down and play with it.

1 Response to “PSP-OSS v0.1 Beta Released”

  1. 1 Retman

    ¬_¬ Very cool just neally on time for christmas Can we get the download then?

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