PSP Faceplates Price Update and Additions

Lik-Sang announced that they have dropped the price of the original face plates in addition to getting some new designs.


We have good news for those of you who thought the price tag on the Replacement Faceplates for PSP was a little steep! We have received stock of new faceplates from a second team jumping on the bandwagon, and whose emphasis is on price. Also, our initial supplier has agreed to a price drop below the 30$ mark for the high-end replacement covers that they offer.

The new faceplates come in packs of 5 assorted colors. You got five different covers inside, allowing to change the front color of the PSP depending on your mood or on the weather. Each pack retails for the low price of US$ 36.95, which is less than 8-bucks-a-faceplate actually. Quantity discounts are available for resellers.

I was one of the people complaining that I thought the initial price was far too much on the website, so I am pleased to find them dropping the price. However, the faceplate packages seem to be of a lower quality which makes me wonder if they are worth purchasing.

While admittedly, the “high end replacement faceplates” have been lowered to $28.95 which I still find to be too steep. I think $19.95 is about right considering that by doing this, you void your warranty. I really want to get one, but I am not paying $30 for it.

2 Responses to “PSP Faceplates Price Update and Additions”

  1. 1 your mom

    B.S these faceplates are AWSOME!! but the 1ns at aare WAYYYY better!!!!!

  2. 2 Mike Blanken

    How Can i Buy the Clear Face Plate off of the website? Thanks alot.
    P.S. Does the plate have it own screen on it? Thanks

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