PSP-OSS Almost Complete

PSP3D is reporting that the PSP-OSS homebrew is nearly complete.

Here is a list of the features:

Working Features:
-MP3 playback
-OGG playback
-PNG viewing (pictures (only 480×272))
-EBOOT Loading from within PSP-OSS
-UMD Loading from within PSP-OSS
-Fully skinnable (reboots the OSS to change skins)
-Wallpapers changable while in the OSS
-NEW: File Browser

Coming Soon:
-JPEG viewer
-Text viewer
-Many more features…

At the moment, PSP-OSS should only work for firmware 1.5.
They doubt >= 2.0 support will be in their first BETA. Maybe not even until kernal mode is ready in 2.0 and higher.

Release Date:
Early version available for the public hopefully available by Christmas.

You can download a video of it in use here.

This is something I am eagerly anticipating as it looks great. Right now I use PSPWindows which is ok, but not nearly what I am looking for. I will be downloading this as soon as it is released and will talk about my experiences in forums when I do.

2 Responses to “PSP-OSS Almost Complete”

  1. 1 Daurnimator


    Our project is really getting in the news


  2. 2 jakanden

    Hey I will be first in line to download it when it comes out. Feel free to Email me when it is released (

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