PSP Podcast #33

I had some time before the trip, so here is this week’s podcast. Lots of news to cover along with a review f the PSP2TV and the Be.ez LArobe case. No Cara this week, but she’ll be back next week with some more previews for your listening pleasure.

If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it [directly [mp3 43min 20mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator.

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12 Responses to “PSP Podcast #33”

  1. 1 Brian

    show notes? very good podcast

  2. 2 Dasme

    Coming this morning.. posted this at midnight last night so needed to get atleast a little sleep before work…

  3. 3 Kate

    Hi your podcast. Post a picture of yourself sometime! I love to know who I listen to =)

  4. 4 joe

    i am on my psp browser and i was just wondering if u could tell me more about the new update 2.60 in podcast #34

  5. 5 joe

    also i was wondering if u could go over how 2 download video podcasts using the psp browser

  6. 6 tom

    wheres the link to the wireless music rss thing

  7. 7 tom

    nm in case ne 1 cares its

  8. 8 Bob

    How do you use the rss php thingy

  9. 9 bk

    yeah its so odd, I cant work it either.

  10. 10 florian

    Tool to convert M3U playlists to PSP RSS – no more moving MP3 files:

  11. 11 Bill

    How do you use the psp rss thingy on an apple computer?

  12. 12 bk

    Sorry, you’re all gonna think I’m stupid or something but I dont understnad the whole server thing. Like what do you do with the server and how does it all work. Could someone please explain the whole thing step by step. Im really sorry.

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