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  • This Weeks UMD Releases

    Hey everyone, Just giving you a quick update on what UMD’s will be available today. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Family Guy: Volume 1 – Seasons 1 & 2 Herbie: Fully Loaded Joe Dirt Mr. and […]

  • Updated Australian release list

    Below is an updated Australian release list. Its updated from this list 2nd December 2005 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 4th December 2005 Lord Of The Rings Tactics 8th December 2005 Go Sudoku 8th […]

  • CheatDevice v0.1 for GTA:LCS!

    edisoncarter from GTA forums.com has released a great cheat device for GTA: LCS (North American version only)! When you download it it looks like a game save but works as a program in the background […]

  • Breath Of Fire III Screenshots

    Gamespot has posted some screenshots of the upcoming PSP version of the PS1 RPG Breath of Fire III. I personally think it looks great and I am actually a fan of all the Breath of […]

  • December’s UMD Releases

    People have been asking about what UMD's are coming out next month. Well, with the annoucement of Warner Bros. embracing UMD, I thought I would provide a list of all known UMD's coming out next month.

    A Force of One Audioslave: Live in Cuba Bratz: Rock Angelz Brothers Grimm, The Cheaper by the Dozen Dark Water Dead Leaves Death Race 2000 Dukes of Hazzard, The Enter the Dragon Fantastic Four Foo Fighters: Live - Everywhere But Home Godzilla House of Wax Jackass, Vol. 1 Like Mike Longshot Matrix, The National Lampoon's Animal House Octagon, The Perfect Blue Robocop Rock 'n' Roll High School Sandlot/Sandlot 2, The Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Usher: Rhythm City Vol. 1: Caught Up
    Some good stuff but I am really jazzed about the cult classic Perfect Blue. It is good to see some anime on UMD especially one as good as Perfect Blue. Be sure to check out the official UMD page for a continually updated UMD release list as well as PGRevolution.com for future updates.

  • PSP Firmware 2.60 Released

    Sony has released the Firmware 2.60 Update for the PSP. Even though the Official PSP Site has not been updated, the update is available on numerous mirrors including the official forums. The following changes have been made in this new version:

    -(rss channel) has been added as a feature under (network) -(simplified Chinese(gb18030)) and (traditional Chinese (big 5)) have been added as options to (encoding) under (view) in the (internet browser) menu bar -characters may be indistinct in some cases when these encoding options are selected -(volume adjustment) has been added as a feature to (location free player) -you can now download video data that supports copyright protection using the (internet browser) -WMA had been added as a codec that can be played under (music). (this applies to music saved on the memory stick.) *Note that you must adjust a system setting to enable playback of WMA format music data. a connection to the internet is required to adjust the setting
    Read the discussion thread on the official forums here. The update can be downloaded here with additional mirrors posted on the thread.

  • Hands-On Review of the Sony PSP Talkman

    Link-Sang has a great in-depth review of the Sony Talkman PSP. The Talkman is a voice-activated translation application that allows you to interact in foreign languages with the help of your PSP. Along with pure translations, Talkman lets players play games to test their fluency of a language. The languages available are English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean. Check out their review here.

  • pIRC v0.5d and Source Code Released

    The newest version of the excellent pIRC program has been posted at PSP Updates. pIRC is an application that allows you to connect to IRC with your PSP via WiFi via the use of an […]

  • PSPBMC v0.992 For PSP Released

    The new v0.992 version of the bookmarking program PSPBMC has been posted over at PSP Updates. This version includes a fix for the bug causing the the transferring window not to appear during the first […]

  • TV Studios Upset At TiVo

    Several TV and studio execs are considering legal action against TiVo due to their updated TiVoToGo service which will allow the transfers of TV Shows to both iPod’s and PSP’s according to Variety. “TiVo appears […]

  • Change Your PSP Faceplate

    Lik-Sang has released a series of PSP Faceplates to change the look of your PSP from the standard Black or White. The procedure is quick and painless and involves the removal of seven screws to swap plates. However, it must be noted that doing so will void the manufacturer's warranty so keep that in mind should you decide to do this. There are 5 different faceplates available with all save for the "Liquid Silver" plate running you US$ 32.95. The "Liquid Silver" plate runs US$ 38.95 due to the fact that it has a special metallic chrome layer.