PSP Giga pack announced

My fellow countrymen in the UK will have another option when buying a PSP this christmas season. Sony has announced that they will be selling a new PSP bundle which is known as the Giga pack, that will include a 1GB memory stick, USB cable and PSP stand in addition to all accessories that were already shipping with the PSP. The bundle will be available with both colours of PSP (white and black). The price is 219 euro or about $265 US dollars and you should start seeing this in the UK sometime before Christmas. Sony is planning on bringing this pack to the US among other countries but so far no dates.
This pack sounds like great value and is great news as it could signal a price drop in the PSP memory sticks

3 Responses to “PSP Giga pack announced”

  1. 1 Brian

    How much for the Pounds? iam getting a psp for my christmas i might get this pack

  2. 2 Southern

    Just looking at the price quoted 219 euros = 148 gbp, so this might in fact be a misprint, and I have seen the giga pack mentioned elsewhere on the net for more money than that. (I’m gonna be pissed off if I find I can get a PSP with a 1gb stick for less than what I bought my release date PSP for.)

    I think I echo the rest of us UK people when I say “about frickin’ time” in response to the expected drop in prices for memory sticks.

  3. 3 avfc67

    The price will definitely differ from different currencies

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