It’s been a while coming, but our friends over at Sony Computer Entertainment have dropped another downloadable bomb on us US and Canadian Wipeout Pure owners! Today Classic pack 3 was released and it’s huge! This is a Icaras themed pack that brings you the Icaras Skin and the Icaras SG/FX300 ship to race with. Also included are 2 Cold Storage tunes, Messij and Operatique, and a remixed version of the classic Vohl Square Track to race on.

Great package! Get it from or by updating via the games built in browser.

1 Response to “Wipreout Pure Classic Pack 3 released!”

  1. 1 Foxx

    There Is a God!
    w00t The game That keeps on giveing
    If they keep releasing New Stuff we ll be playing this for years ^^

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