iTunes for the PSP?

Is Apple secretly working on a version of it’s popular iTunes software for the PSP? If the images on this site can be believed, it sure looks like it!

Makes for a good read, but somehow I have to doubt that Apple or Sony would want this product to come out. Each company makes their own music players and music software… they both have their own music stores as well. Looks to me to be a pipe dream, or a free time hack from a developper over at Apple.

Although, the thought of buying my music from the iTunes store wirelessly has me drooling!

Update: As expected, this was just a hoax. Still would of been cool if it was true :)

2 Responses to “iTunes for the PSP?”

  1. 1 Foxx

    I saw this on Digg Too
    And this looks Fake Sony might like it But i dont think apple would ever Want this too happen

  2. 2 Dimplemonkey

    I thought the screenshots for the Treo iTunes was fake as well. I didn’t realize that it was the same person faking the photos! I think the interface would look slightly different anyway.

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