Podcast #15 will be a little late

Just wanted to let my loyal listeners know that Podcast #15 will be a little bit late. I ran into some recording problems, read: Garageband crashed and took most of the unsaved work with it. I’ll have to re-record most of the podcast and that will take time.

Just wanted to say that I was sorry the podcast will be late, look for it within the next day or so.

5 Responses to “Podcast #15 will be a little late”

  1. 1 sims11tz

    You stupid bastard, You not only ruined my wednesday evening but my thursday morning as well! Where is my free quality show that I deserve. JK!!!! That sucks about the crash, I love the show, good work. I will wait “patiently” for the next episode.

    Keep em coming!


  2. 2 illutionz

    damn it llyod!!!! what the *peep* r u doing (grin… annoying mode: on) hahahaha
    anyway… hope u solve the problem fast man… :D

  3. 3 Dasme

    Heh :) Well jokes aside I will try and get this out as soon as possible. My solution to teh Garageband problem.. saving more often. Yes.. the common sense fix to my crashing problem :)

  4. 4 proofpozitive

    gah!!! How am i supposed to test my psp’s direct download abilities when i have no new podcast!??!!!? I’m sorry Lloyd, but you leave me no other choice but to break my psp’s downloading cherry with another podcast…. That was easy. PSP download’s .mp3s with a breeze!! My psp will be waiting for you Lloyd!!!

  5. 5 illutionz

    lloyd!!!!!!! are u done????? i am shaking… gimme my fix… gimme ur psp podcast….

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