Firmware 2.0 soon!

It’s been announced and confirmed, Sony will be releasing firmware version 2.0 in Japan on July 27th. This will be a huge release for Sony and may have a big impact on the homebrew scene with the pile of people who are sure to update to 2.0

The firmware 2.0 will bring us pile of features including WPA wireless encryption (YES!!), a built in web browser (DOUBLE YES!!), AAC and Wave audio support, and an increase of features for the video player.

I personally can’t wait for this to appear in the US and Canada.. although upgrading to it will be a hard decision to make. Should I update to get all the new functionality but lose the ability to play homebrew? Or should I keep my homebrew playing ability and miss out on a sweet built in web browser… decisions decisions :)

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  1. 1 proofpozitive

    Well, it’s about freakin’ time!!!!! Now it’s beginning to look like i’m getting my 250 worth since there isn’t but all of 1 good game out there for the psp and you can only play lumines for so long.

  2. 2 Dasme

    There are also reports that v2.0 will include support for H.264 video playback from memory card. I haven’t found anything official from Sony (translating tech docs from Japanese to english is tough some times) but will keep looking.

  3. 3 illutionz

    hi Lloyd-
    you can visit our Singapore PSP Community Forum Website at
    we have the summary of the features for the FW v2.0
    i will also list it here

    Sony has announced firmware update 2.0 for PSP during the Playstation Meeting going on in Japan.

    Key Features of this update are:

    * Internet
    o Added an internet browser (can be disabled in settings)
    * Video
    o Jump function for UMD VIDEO and MUSIC
    o A-B repeat function for UMD Video, MUSIC on memory stick duo
    o Added 4:3 mode for memory stick duo
    o Added audio switch function for memory stick duo
    o Added MP4 (AVC) playback function for memory stick duo
    * Music
    o With SonicStage V3.2 (not announced yet), ATRAC3 plus music files can be put into a memory stick pro duo
    o Added MP4 (AAC) and WAVE (Linear PCM) playback function
    * Photo
    o Added wallpaper function
    o Transmit/receive images function
    o Added support for TIFF/GIF/PNG/BMP files
    * Setting
    o Added Korean language
    o Added [Character set] function
    o Added [Theme setting] function
    o Added [Diable internet browser] function
    o Added WPA-PSK (TKIP) support
    o Added keyboard input mode for web input

    taken from:

    As you can see, Sony is using different name for H.264 they are using the name of AVC (Advance Video Codec) instead of H.264 but AVC is indeed H.264 a.k.a MPEG 4 Level 10
    cheers bro…. your prediction is indeed spot on

  4. 4 Bryan

    does anyone have an idea when this will be released in the U.S?

  5. 5 DG4NJ

    I’m not a big homebrew fan so i will definitely be upgrading my firmware to 2.0 when it comes stateside

  6. 6 Dasme

    Yes Baldyz, provided that you are near a wireless hotspot, or have one in your home, You can get online and browse the web. You’ll be able to do anything that a normal web browser can apparently, but we’ll have to see how that works when 2.0 is released. Oh, they’ve already said that pages with flash on them won’t work propperlly, but maybe a flash player plugin will come at a later date.

  7. 7 Dasme

    Good question… we’re not sure :) Only the Japanese release date was announced, although I’m sure the NA release will follow shortly after that. When I hear more information, i’ll be sure to let you know.

  8. 8 Baldyz22

    yall seem to know alot, so whats a home brew? do ya need it? whats it for? im new to this, help lol

  9. 9 Bryan

    well Baldyz22, homebrew are applications that are made by regular people, made to run on a PSP with 1.5 Firmware or lower. they could be games, or emulators and other things too. you do not need homebrew, it its for mere pleasure ot have them.

  10. 10 Baldyz22

    oh okay. that makes sence, thanks. But, if 2.0 comes out, so many people will get it, cuz its got so many promising features and new tools, so if homebrew applications only work on 1.5 or lower, then wont they pretty much be obsolete? or is it possible they will change there programs to work with 2.0 and higher?

  11. 11 Bryan

    well, as Dasme says above, it will be a hard choice for some people who use homebrew, but most people(i believe) dont have firmware below 1.5, so it wont be a tough decision for myself since i have 1.52. most likely, they will not beable to run on 2.0, since the main point of it is security, all the other features are just to lure people to upgrade, Sony doesnt like people making homebrew, and people hacking their firmware.

  12. 12 Bryan

    2 more hours untill it is released it japan!!

  13. 13 Baldyz22

    any more updates on the American PSP 2.0 version?

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