KXploit Now Available!

The fine spanish folks that brought you the original swaploit, Killer-X and the PSP-Dev crew, have just released something new for us. This time it’s a non swaping exploit for your 1.5 firmware PSPs that helps you to get homebrew to run!

This time the KXploit will create 2 folders for easy homebrew that you would like to load that will have to be transfered to your memory stick. For example if you wanted to put PSP Chess on your memory card you would run this app and copy the “pspchess” and “pspchess%” folders to your memory stick. Yes, there is a percent sign at the end of the second folder. When you are looking through your game browser you will see a PSPChess and a [corrupted data] entry, the corrupted data one is the exploit.

Hopefully future versions will get rid of that [corrupted data] folder, but even if there is no way this is a much better way to run homebrew on your PSP. Thanks go out to Killer-X for this awesome app!

Head on over to PSPHacks to read more and download the KXploit!

1 Response to “KXploit Now Available!”

  1. 1 Protheon

    I knew I shouldn’t have upgraded just to see how it works. Damn!

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