Review: Madcatz Batman Begins PSP Pak

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a comic reader. I spent many a day just sitting in the old bedroom reading and re-reading comics of all topics and genres. One of my favorites has always been Batman. There was something about the caped crusader that always made him easy to identify with. Yes even though I wasn’t a millionaire, and my parents weren’t murdered in front of my eyes, Batman was easy to identify with. Work with me people!

Now with the release of the Batman Begins movie, I am again in Batman heaven. Hell, even the cancellation of the Batman Begins game for the PSP couldn’t put me in a bad mood, since there would be plenty of other platforms on which to get my Batman fix. Then I read something that made me even more excited Madcatz announced that they will be releasing PSP accessories emblazoned with all manner of Batman logos and images! GEEK NIRVANA!

Well ok… I didn’t get that excited. I just wanted to throw in some good ol’ comic book exaggeration to mix things up. To say that the new products from Madcatz are great isn’t an exaggeration though!

On June 17th Madcatz will release a whole lineup of Batman Begins gear for all manner of consoles, the PSP being one. I was able to get my grubby little hands on a pre-release set and I must say that I am quite impressed.

The “Batman Begins PSP Pak” contains 4 accessories for your PSP that all contain Batman themed artwork. You get a console case, screen protector, UMD storage case and finally a PSP Skin. I’ll give you a bit of a rundown on each of them before talking about the kit as a whole.

Screen protector: What can be said about this part that already hasn’t been talked about in previous reviews? This protector is better designed then most though as it contains no adhesive to muck up your screen if you should ever have to remove it. Static cling keeps it on nice and flat, and if installed using the included squeegee card your screen should be bubble free!

PSP Skin: These types of add-ons have become quite popular as of late, and you can get Skins or Tattoos for nearly every console out there now. That being said I have stayed away from these types of items. Just like my aversion to placing bumper stickers on my car, the thought of anything stuck to my consoles permanently leaves me feeling a bit queasy. In the name of a thorough review though, I did the unmentionable (for me anyways) and stuck it on my precious PSP. And now that I’ve done it, I don’t know what my problem was! Just like the screen protector this little guy sticks on with static. None of that nasty glue here! I was able to get it on my PSP with little fuss and the end result wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure that I would keep this on permanently though as the sleek look of the PSP is enough for me. It’s nice to know that there are some options for dressing up the PSP should the need arise though.

UMD Storage Case: Madcatz shipped a sweet looking metal UMD holder with this Batman kit. This case holds 2 UMDs very snuggly, and has artwork on both sides that set its look apart from the other UMD cases on the market. This case is awesome and my only complaint is that it may work a little too well. The inside of mine was a little bit snug and I had a hard time getting my UMDs out again. I have no doubt that I could toss this case around for hours without my UMDs budging one bit, but it would be a crime to scuff up the great artwork on this case. Oh and I finally did get my games out of this case, so no worries there. I can once again play Lumines on my PSP so life is good.

Console Case: This for me was the key item in this kit. From the prerelease pictures that I saw, this would be the case to own due to its geek factor. I mean what could be better then a PSP case with a raised metallic batman logo on it? That’s right, nothing. Just don’t get confused when your PSP is in this and try to throw it like a batarang just trust me on this one. This case is made from soft material and screws into the accessory holes on the top of your PSP. You then have a screen guard that folds on top and a larger piece that folds around your PSP and keeps it closed with Velcro. It’s the Velcro connector that has the Batman logo on it, and it just looks too sweet. I had some friends over on the weekend and even though they weren’t really PSP or Batman fans per say, they thought this case ruled. If you read or have ever read comics, this is clearly the ultimate collector’s case for your PSP hands down. The pictures of it really don’t do it justice.

So there you have my rundown of all of the components in this kit. Now let’s talk about it as a whole. The Madcatz store has this kit available for $19.95 US, which is a great price point for this type of item. Not only do you get a sweet case, easily worth the $20, but some other nice PSP gear thrown in for good measure. There are many accessory collections already released for the PSP. Many have only 1 good item and 12 other pieces of junk. The Madcatz Batman Begins PSP pack is filled with quality items, each one good enough for me to use daily with my PSP.

I give the Madcatz “Batman Begins PSP Pak” an A. This is a great package that can be enjoyed by Batman fans, but still contains something for the non-fanboys.

3 Responses to “Review: Madcatz Batman Begins PSP Pak”

  1. 1 meanfish

    I didnt like the look of this pack at ALL, judging by the pictures…looks way too tacky, and not sleek at all.

  2. 2 Dasme

    Hmm.. Well the pictures that I was able to find online were a little low quality. I’ll try and get things setup so I can take some better ones myself. You can trust me when I say that the case itself is not cheaply made and is definitely the least tacky of the items in the kit. I’ll have to admit that the PSP skin is a little bit tacky, but I think that of all of them. Items like that seem to be more geared at the younger generation. The other parts are great though.

    I’m a huge comic fan though, so maybe a little bit of my bias is seeping through. If you see this kit in stores you can check it out for yourself, the images available for it online really do not do it justice.

  3. 3 Rod

    Did you end up buying this item? I was just wondering if the case has a belt holster? And if it does, would it mean you have to take off your belt everytime to play it?
    I just saw it in the store.


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