Review: PSP Aero Case

Even though I am still a huge fan of my Logitech Playgear Pocket case that I reviewed here before, I wanted to take a look at some of the other cases out there on the market. The PSP accessory market is booming right now, and one of the big players is Brando.

One of the first cases that I saw after picking up my PSP was Brando’s PSP Aero Case. It looked like a nice secure place to keep my PSP if I needed to pack it in my backpack for the trip to and from work, and I have to say that it’s just as good as I figured it would be now that I have it in my hands.

The exterior is quite plain, which is a good thing as I don’t want to advertise that I’m carrying a PSP in my hands. I picked up the blue model, but it is also available in a nice charcoal grey. The outside of this case also has a carabiner (the easy attach connector that climbers use) attached to it for easy connection to your belt or bag. I don’t see myself using that connector much, but it is a nice feature to have.

But it’s the inside that makes this case one of the nicest I’ve seen. When you undo the double zipper and open the clamshell, you’ll see that the inside is divided into 3 sections. It almost seems larger then it should be considering the outside. There is the bottom half that stores your PSP snuggly and holds it into place with 2 elastics. There is a top section that has a nice little mesh pouch for storing any accessories you want to bring along with you. I keep a screen cleaner and my earbuds in there. But the best feature is the middle flap. This flap moves independently and acts as a soft screen guard on the bottom and also has room for 2 UMDs on the top. The material throughout the inside of this case is quite soft and shouldn’t pose any risk of damaging your precious PSP screen.

I do have to say that the best part of this case, and one feature that had me doubting it’s quality initially, is the price! The Aero case is available direct from Brando and retails for an unbelievable $12 US.

You get a whole lot of case for not too much cash.

If you are in the market for a case to protect your PSP while you travel, I heartily recommend the Brando PSP case. If you need a case that doesn’t expose any of the ports or buttons, this is the case for you.

I give the Brando PSP Aero case an A+.

2 Responses to “Review: PSP Aero Case”

  1. 1 Gringo

    Great review. I’m going to import this case from very soon.

  2. 2 pOp

    Just purchased one from This case looks like its got the lot. Thanks

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