Review: SanDisk 1GB Pro Duo

Well I was finally able to find myself a 1GB memory stick. These things are so scarce around town, with most stores having an ETA of July, that I had to go out of town to get one. I’m glad that I did. This hulking memory stick is better then I thought it would be. I was getting used to shuffling all my saved games and movies around on my 32MB card that shipped with the PSP that I almost forgot how nice a bigger card would be.

SanDisk 1GBUsing various video conversion packages (I’m working on a review comparing the popular ones) I was able to get 2+ hours of my favorite TV shows converted and loaded on this card, with room to spare for saved games!

This card isn’t cheap, mine was $179.00 Canadian plus all applicable taxes. if you can believe it the SanDisk model that I picked up was about 50% of the cost of a Sony branded one. Oh wait, you probably can believe that ;)

If you are one who likes to watch their movies on the go and have a DVD library to convert, this is the card for you. I give the SanDisk 1GB Pro Duo memory stick an A.

5 Responses to “Review: SanDisk 1GB Pro Duo”

  1. 1 Gringo

    I’m waiting for my Sandisk 1GB Memory Stick to be delivered… I’m waiting for about two months now :-(

  2. 2 Dasme

    Yeah, I was the same way. I’m lucky that I managed to find one locally though and was able to cancel my original order.

  3. 3 Flint

    Whats the best place to search for 1 gig card? i’ve been everywhere and the best price i can find is 139 (Canadian)

  4. 4 Dimplemonkey

    As of today, I was able to locate a SanDisk 1GB for $85 via Froogle. Now if only the 2 giggers were heading south for the winter!

  5. 5 iburnthings

    i hear you can get them for around £50 or £60 quid on google uk

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